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‘Homechow App’ launched

By: Emmanuel Bruce

A new food appplication dubbed 'Homechow' has been launched in Accra.

The application aims at providing customers with a platform to order any food of their choice and have it delivered to them or pick it up themselves at any Homechow depot.

Speaking to the Daily Graphic after the launch of the app, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Homechow, Mr Gabriel Ankamafio, said the application sought to connect customers to vendors in a bid to speed up delivery services.

“We are not the kind of app where you can pick from any kind of restaurant. We want to regulate the whole process and maintain the quality across the board so we raised money to build a restaurant, so we can take charge of everything,” he stated.

He said it had currently employed 35 people made up of 10 executives and 25 kitchen staff.

The CEO also pointed out that the app would give users access to decent meals at affordable prices. 

After ordering the food, he said the user could see which vendor was closest and how long the delivery would take.

He said users could also postpone delivery of their meals until a time more appropriate and suitable.

“The app’s menu features a variety of local and continental dishes, for lunch and supper, with each priced between GH¢5 and GH¢10. The delivery fee, depending on time, will be either GH¢2 or GH¢3,” he stated.

He said the app would also serve vendors who sought to carry and sell Homechow’s meals.

It features segments where vendors can place orders in bulk, view hotspots for sales and even see their earnings.

He pointed out that the app also supported the various mobile money options in the country.

Currently, he said the app was operating in a few selected areas in Accra with plans to expand to other areas in the course of the year.